Why communication is your most powerful tool

Business owners and management teams that rely on front-line and hourly workforces face unique challenges. Maximizing performance and efficiency is always top of mind, but often the tools to achieve improvements in these areas is slightly less apparent. Healthcare, construction, staffing, retail, hospitality, manufacturing and more require effective collaboration although that might not be the […]

EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) Law Overview

In recent years, the implementation of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) systems has gained momentum across the United States, particularly within the home care industry. EVV technology plays a vital role in promoting transparency, accountability, and efficiency in service delivery. In this article, we will explore the significance of EVV requirements in various US states, focusing […]

Why Front-Line Workforces Need A.I. the Most

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is revolutionizing businesses, and its impact is particularly significant for those relying on hourly workers. A.I. enables scalability and optimization without the administrative overhead associated with managing a large workforce. With generative A.I. like ChatGPT, businesses can achieve efficiency and maintain a personal touch simultaneously. Hourly workers are integral to various industries, […]

Why are business tools so ugly?

Software has gone from being a complex tool used by experts to an essential part of everyday life. Early software focused on getting tasks done, not on how easy it was to use. As more people began using computers, the need for simpler, friendlier software grew. But even today, many business programs fall short in […]