Express Healthcare

Express Healthcare

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  • Express Healthcare Pros of Oregon was able to increase revenue by 35% in the first 3 months on TeamBridge
  • Scaled labor pool of associated 3x without additional administrative overhead or costs
  • Reduced software spend by 50% by consolidating workflow into TeamBridge
About the client
Company Size
1000+ employees
Atlanta, GA

The Express Pros story

Founded by Willaim H. Stoller and Robert A. Funk as Express Employement International in 1983, the pair soon started franchising their successful staffing model. Flash forward 25 years and the organization had grown to over 800 franchises throughout the United States, Canada and South Africa. Express includes franchises focuses on Meducal staffing, light industrial staffing, and more.


The challenge

While Express had grown both in the size of the organization as well as the tools they could provide their franchisees, they realized that money was being left on the table and as an organization they were missing opportunities to do better for their clients and their internal staffers.

Over the years, internal software had been developed to help manage the franchise, and other vendors had been brought on. However the general technology setup of internal tools, Blue Sky and Ring Central still required a lot of busy work and repetitive tasks. To handle this process, Julie needed to hire a large team to manage, scheduling, credentialing, client relations, invoicing and billing.

Her team’s highly activity and engaged process was effective at building strong client relationships, but it was not efficient and could not be scaled as the company grew.


A TeamBridge solution

By replacing Blue Sky with TeamBridge, Express Pro’s to scale up their client communication and save time via automation right from the get-go. Express quickly saw the benefits: Clients who started using the TeamBridge dashboards the Express Team had created for them began to increase their allocation of open needs to Express, as shifts were filled faster, and had higher lifetime value.

That’s when Express took their TeamBridge setup to the next level: Custom automations to manage cancellations and reduce overhead


  • Account Revenue. Express Client’s who log into TeamBridge produce 35% more revenue compared to.
  • Staff engagement. Field staff engagement and shift claims are up 21% after TeamBridge was fully rolled out.
  • Reduced churn. Field staff were 19% less likely to leave the agency for another.



Constant Improvement: A major stepping stone to success

The fact that Julie’s Express Pro is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the organization is no surprise—they take listening to their clients, their staff, and their internal team seriously.

The TeamBridge team shares this principle and in turn our product team has worked with the Express team every step of the way to ensure Julie and team could deliver the workflows they wanted.

Every week, TeamBridge dedicates resources to building new features to answer these requests—based directly on Teambridge user and Express Pro feedback.

Doing so reflects a TeamBridge credo: putting the customer first, no matter what.


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