product overview

Manage your team the new way

With powerful tools to build and automate workflows, TeamBridge changes the way teams work.


Powerful admin dashboards, and flexible team tools to match your needs.


TeamBridge gives you the building blocks to deploy A.I. for your team like never before. Our proprietary tech is revolutionizing how teams automate their processes to move faster than their competition.

Cloud Admin

Access your information from any browser, and leverage robust workforce management tools only available in TeamBridge.

Mobile App

Everything you need right in your pocket. The TeamBridge mobile app is the perfect mobile tool for remote workforces, or managers on the go.

Time Clock

The world’s most flexible time tracking solution, the TeamBridge time clock works on any device, tablet, computer, or phone.

Features in Focus

From project management, to team surveys, scheduling, time tracking and more.


Create custom real-time reports and export to any format for you or your clients.

Time Off & PTO

Set the rules and automate tracking of leaves and absences.

Access & Permissions

Enforce your company policies for time and attendance and create a more efficient and disciplined workforce.

Document Management

Have all important documents organized and accessible in one area.


Get the right person for the right shift with our configurable AI technology. No shifts unfulfilled.

Make it your own

Have full control of your TeamBridge set up, and full control of your process. Customize access for each group or member of your team, to help your departments, managers and employees focus on your goals.

We are here to support you

You support your team, our team and our community are here to support you.

Made for every and any kind of teams


Long Term Care


Save Time
Lower Costs
Increase Revenue

Frequently Asked Questions

For many teams, you can pick a template today and be increasing your operational efficiency with a few clicks.

Don’t want to do it alone? No problem, we can match you with a TeamBridge Architect to make sure you get the most out of your account.

That is really up to you! Think about the repetitive tasks that take up way to much of your day.

Maybe it’s following up with a client, or remembering to change a staff’s access levels when they are fully onboarded.

Whatever it might be TeamBridge can help you automate it.

TeamBridge started as a workforce management platform with a focus on front-line teams. From staffing agencies to long term care, our product has help thousands of organizations save time, and money with better, more automated workflows.

Flash forward to today, TeamBridge helps teams of all shapes and sizes, from big law firms, to small dental clinics and pet shelters. You name it! We have a template for it, and a team eager to change the way your operate.

Simply register your account, pick a template or start from scratch, and then invite your team to start building their perfect workflows.

It may seem scary, but usually our clients love the process of seeing their perfect tool and process come to life with a few clicks.