Achieve next-level efficiency with SmartField

Unlock results and improve business decisions with A.I. across your entire org — no technical resources needed.

Health Scoring

Automatically flag and tier accounts or employees to build custom incentive policies.

Data Cleanup

Keep things professional and streamlined with automatic translation and cleanup for client notes, shift notes, and more.

Process Optimization

Kick off automations with instant A.I. evaluation of your team's activity and metrics.

Everything Else

TeamBridge puts the building blocks in your hands to deploy A.I. in new ways that help your team succeed.

Elevate your data management

Specify conditions for what you need, and let A.I. handle the rest. SmartField can analyze data and context and automatically select or generate a result.

Stay organized like magic

Leverage A.I. to outpace the competition in both speed and accuracy. With SmartField, you can replace repetitive admin tasks, up-level your process, and uncover insights like never before.