Time Clock

A modern take on the time clock

With flexible time tracking options, TeamBridge allows you to track everything you need to create an efficient time and attendance workflow.

Mobile, Kiosk or Web

Activate the time tracking options that fit your team's needs.


Ensure your team is onsite prior to clocking in from their mobile device.

Location Tracking

Activate powerful automated alerts as your team moves from client to client.

Required Forms

Skip the payroll headache by collecting all the information you need right as the shift ends.

Track anything
in real-time

Skip the downloading, or syncing between multiple tools. Everything in TeamBridge updates in real-time allowing you to get the most accurate up to the second information to make the right decisions.

Options to match your team

Download the TeamBridge time clock on any device (iPad, Android, Fire Table) or load it on your laptop or desktop computer.


Enforce geofences to ensure your staff are onsite before clocking in, track location in real-time to have a record of your team’s activity, and request information such as signature or mileage date when your staff clocks out.


Bring all your time tracking data into one place. Now your desk workers can clock in directly from their TeamBridge admin tool with the TimeClock widget.

Keep things organized

With required fields you can run automations, keep your data clean, and streamline corrections before they delay payroll processing.

A better way to track time

With geofences activated, location tracking on and required signatures upon clock out, timesheets, billing clients, and running payroll becomes easy.

“Even when an employee forgets to clock out, we can easily see the last GPS dot at the client's location, and make the update with a single click.”

Ryan Bodie

Operations Manager at Omega Staffing