Build Your Workflow

Unlike other tools, TeamBridge allows you to build a workspace that matches your team’s workflow. Find out how much you can get done when all the information you need is exactly where you want it.

Build a workspace for every function


Help teammates get up and running faster with automated onboarding requirements, policies, and communication.


Streamline schedule creation, and self-service scheduling flows for your team.


Enforce time tracking policies and clean up data before it falls to your admins or payroll.

TimeSheets & Payroll

Keep everyone aligned with automated reminders, nudges, and alerts in real-time, right when your team needs them.

What workspace will you build?

Team’s of all sizes use teambridge to track and automate their recruitment pipeline.  From automatically sending and scheduling interviews, to credentialing, TeamBridge unlocks efficiency by empowering your team to create the workflow and the workspace that matches your ideal process.


Keep your team moving through the onboarding process, with automated reminders, custom lists and mobile views to help your team get activated asap!


Unlike other platforms, TeamBridge allows you to create as many schedule workspaces as you need. Whether it’s one for each location or department, or even a schedule view that shows only specific employees, it’s completely up to you!

Stop hunting for the information you need to complete payroll. Instead, create a dashboard that brings your process front and center to make sure you can correct and process timesheets with ease.