3. Workspaces

3. Workspaces

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Building Workspaces

In this video we cover the basics of creating, renaming and building workspaces in TeamBridge. Workspaces are the customizable sections and pages on which you can add widgets, blocks and other content to match your workflow.

There are several types of workspace:


  • A full screen view of a specific database or collection in TeamBridge. List views are great for a user directory (a List page showing the User database). You can also save multiple views on a list view type by clicking the plus to add new tabs at the top, and adjusting the filters and name of the saved view to match whatever you want to see on that view.


  • A full screen calendar view to see all shifts in a variety of customizable way, including color coding, grouping and other view options.

Blank Canvas

  • A blank canvas is a page where you can add multiple blocks. This is useful if you are trying to create an entire workflow on a single page. Think and ATS set up where you move users from one filtered list to the next. Or a page where you want to add content, images and buttons to create a nicely designed workspace for your mobile users.





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