Welcome to the team

The TeamBridge platform empowers team’s to creatively solve problems and unlock their true potential. Learn about what makes our team unique and the story that brought TeamBridge to where it is today.

We empower teams to improve every day.

Our values

Everyday we evaluate our success on our ability to live up to the following values. This focus allows us to produce a product that is 3x better than any other existing solution, and consistently deliver for our partner customers.

1% better everyday
We believe in constant improvement. Delivering 1% more value to our customers everyday, we are able to ensure we are always the best solution available.
We focus on results. We seek out the right solution, that helps our partners and their teams succeed.
Customer Obsessed
We work alongside our customers, to ensure that their teams thrive.
Make the Impossible Possible
We seek to change the way our partners operate, and unlock new ways of doing things that they didn't think were possible.
We embrace the adventure
Challenging the status quo is an adventure, and we are here for it.
We are teammates
We are part of your team, and you are part of ours. We can be many things, but we must first be a good teammate.

Who we are

Our experience building products used by hundreds of millions of people at Uber, Facebook, Slack, and Samsara inspired us to build the highest quality product to industries that need it most.

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