8. Navigating the mobile app

8. Navigating the mobile app

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Navigating the TeamBridge Mobile App
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The Mobile App

The TeamBridge mobile app brings together all the robust features of our platform right to your fingertips. It's designed with user-friendly navigation, ensuring a seamless experience no matter your technical experience. Employees can use the mobile app to view their schedules, pick up shifts, communicate with departments and more.


Download Mobile

Getting started with the TeamBridge mobile app is as simple as visiting your smartphone's app store, searching for 'TeamBridge', and selecting 'install'. It's available for both Android and iPhone. Install Teambridge mobile

Mobile Clock In and Out

  • Navigate to the Teambridge app on your mobile device and open it, tap on the Clock Icon in the tray of the app.
  • By tapping, Clock In employees will be able to start their shifts when employees are ready to begin their shifts.

  • By tapping, Clock Out and End Shift employees will be able to record their hours worked for their shift.

If your account has Geo-location turned ON, Please remember to make sure the TeamBridge app has access to Location Permissions on your mobile phone Settings.


Viewing Calendar on Mobile

  1. Open the Teambridge app

  2. Tap on the calendar icon (located in the lower navigation bar.)

  3. Select the desired date range by tapping the arrows surrounding the displayed month.

    • The right arrow will move 1 week forward

    • The left arrow will move 1 week in the past

    • Scrolling left or right on the actual dates will perform the corresponding actions above

    • Select the Calendar Date icon in the upper right hand corner to return to the current day

  4. Grouping options are listed and defined below.
    Note: If the desired option is not show scroll left or right to reveal additional options

    • All Shifts - Shows all shifts

    • Open - Shifts available to pick up

    • Upcoming - Shifts that have not started yet

    • Ongoing - Shifts currently in progress

    • Completed - Completed shifts

    • Late - Shifts that were started after the scheduled time

    • No Show - Shifts that were not clocked in for

    • Requested - Shifts that are pending assignment

  5. Tap the desired shift to open for additional details and to request

Communicate on Mobile

  1. Open the Teambridge app

  2. Tap on the message icon (located in the lower navigation bar.)

To Create a new Message

  1. To create a new message press the + button

    1. Select "Send as Department" to send a message directly to a department

    2. select "Direct Message" to send a message to an individual

  2. Use the message window to create your message

    1. Select the file to attach a document or image

  3. Select Send when done

Reply to an existing conversation

  1. Select the desired thread from the message window

  2. Reply to messages directly in the thread


Need More Guidance?

The Teambridge support team can provide additional assistance with any questions on the mobile app. Built into mobile are additional guides to help onboard new users without training overhead.

Reach us in app or at support@teambridge.com

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