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Step 1

Contact the appropriate airSlate representative to create a signNow API account: Keri Curkendall Sr. Manager of Partnerships

Step 2

Provide the necessary information to Keri: 

  • contact email 
  • first and last name 
  • company name 
  • billing address 
  • credit card information 

Note: you are required to read and accept the Terms of Service for SignNow.

Step 3

Set up your SignNow account accordingly. Please note in order for the Integration to work, all of your templates need to be under the ‘Templates’ folder.

Step 4

Go to once your account  is set up and click API.

Step 5

Click ‘Add App’ and add a new application called “TeamBridge” as follows. Make sure to choose ‘Live’ mode. Once a new application is created, click the three dots on the right and write down Client ID and Basic Authorization Token.


Activate in TeamBridge

Go to TeamBridge and log in to your account. Go to Settings, Integration, SignNow. Enter Client ID obtained from SignNow as Client Id, Basic Authorization Token from SignNow as API Key, then click Continue. Click Connect, you will be taken to the login page at SignNow, enter SignNow credentials and authorize TeamBridge when prompted.


All Set

You are all set. You can start using TeamBridge integration with SignNow.



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