4. Creating and Updating Data

4. Creating and Updating Data

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Data in Teambridge

TeamBridge allows you to create a variety of data types tailored to your workforce management needs. From task lists to team schedules, and custom reports, you have the power to capture the information that matters.

Tables in Teambridge

Information in Teambridge are stored as tables - this allows you to create flexible workflows with automations to fit your needs. You can use one of our predefined tables to start (Users, Shifts, Locations, Roles, Contacts, and Documents.

Data within the tables are known as schema or columns. Within any table, you can add new schema to fit additional information. Our predefined tables also have some predefined schema to fit the basic use cases in Teambridge. You can add new schema to any table by selecting clicking on a record, scrolling to the bottom of that record, selecting configure data, then "add column".

You can select a type from the dropdown in the list, like a text or number field. You can also use "single" or "multi-select" to give your users a choice of data to enter (like Yes or No).

When to add a new table

A new table can be used any time you have new information you'd like to store within Teambridge. An example could be tasks - you could create a new table within Teambridge to track tasks for your team. You would create a new table, and add schemas for name, task title, due date, and priority. You could then use workspaces to view and sort the tasks, just like any other table within Teambridge!

Referencing tables

Often, it's useful to reference 1 or more items from a table in another table. Maybe you want to assign a user to tasks you created in the table in the last step. You may also want to see all of the tasks associated with that users in the user table.

You can do this by "linking" the tables by creating a new column in the Tasks table, and setting the type to "Link to Object". Once the tables are linked, you can click into an individual and see all of the tasks for that person and be able to view the associated tasks.

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