Per Diem Medical Staffing with Client Access

Per Diem Medical Staffing with Client Access

At A Glance

Taking our Per Diem Medical and Healthcare Staffing templates to the next level, this account template is a great platform to enhance your account sizes, by giving the schedulers at your client facilities the fastest way to request needs, view documents, and track fulfillment.


Who is this template for?

This Per Diem Medical Staffing Template with Client Access is great for medical staffing companies of all sizes. If you are looking for a tool to help more with the tracking and placement for Travel Nursing use cases, check out this Travel Nursing Account Template.

This template includes workflows for recruiting onboarding, and and permission groups and setting for your mobile staff to self onboard as well.

You should not use this template if you are operating a staffing company in a non healthcare industry or if you are a facility or hospital scheduling your full-time workforce.

Account template
Use Cases
Client Access
Client Relations
Flex Workforces

What’s in this Account Template?

5 User types / access groups
Key workspaces

Client Dashboard

Admin Schedule

Shift Requests


TimeSheet Verification

Benefits of Using This Template

See the difference in your metrics with TeamBridge

5 min

admin mins saved per shift placed


reduction in time to Shift Placements (Staffing)


in client satisfaction (revenue)

Best Practices

Be sure to configure the automations to match your workflow and upload your pay rates into TeamBridge to incentivize your staff to claim shifts and earn more.

Quickbooks (Desktop)
Quickbooks (Online)

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Who is this template for?

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