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Charlie Health

Charlie Health Case Study
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Charlie Health created unique self service tools for their remote workforce of therapists. By giving therapists the tools and the guardrails they needed, they were able to streamline their team management and focus on growth. Since starting with TeamBridge their therapist network has grown by more than 4x.

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1000+ employees
San Diego, CA

The Charlie Health story

Charlie Health was founded to create the solution for teens and young adults who lack access to sustainable, affordable, and personalized healing. Amidst an ever-growing youth mental health crisis, our vision is clear: better care, from anywhere, with lifelong results.

The Charlie Health workforce is made up of remote therapist who track and log their own time creating unique challenges compared to the traditional workforce models.


The challenge

To create and manage an autonomous and self sufficient team Charlie Health needed a tool that would allow therapists the flexibility to track and monitor their own time logs in various ways that fit their personal preferences.

  1. Various Time Tracking Preferences. Therapist with Charlie health have diverse needs and preferences. Some track their sessions and worked hours in real-time, with time tracking tools on their web browser or mobile phone. Others choose to take notes and log their time all at once at the end of the pay period. Charlie Health found that while some of these methods, were available in existing team management solutions, but most did not offer the flexibility in how and when time was tracked.
  2. Inaccurate or Incomplete Data. Given the different time tracking methods mentioned above, Charlie Health also ran into issues with the accuracy and completeness of their data. Logged time that lacked a specific job function or work task could not be added to payroll, as those factors affected the pay rate. Missed clock-outs or missing client details also resulted in a high level of admin overhead when processing time sheets.
  3. Limited Insights. As Charlie Health began to grow it’s business, it became more and more apparent that a lack of insights would become a problem as the company scaled. For example, a deeper analysis of the distribution of hours across billable and non-billable hours could help identify inefficiencies, but without a single source of truth for all their data a report like this would have to be manually created.


A TeamBridge solution

Charlie Health found TeamBridge just as they were beginning to scale the business. The complete flexibility of TeamBridge’s workforce tools, time clock, admin workspaces and reports allowed Charlie Health to build the exact tool they were looking for.


  1. Flexible Time Tracking Options. In order to gain adoption and enhance their work environment Charlie Health allowed staff to choose their preferred method of tracking time.
  2. Custom Dashboards for Staff and Automated Rules. To prevent the flexible time tracking options from creating a mess of inaccurate or incomplete data, Charlie Health added dashboards to help staff see any issues with their time records, and rules to notify them if anything needed their attention.
  3. Custom Reports. Charlie Health created custom report widgets that now instantly visualize recorded time, broken down in a variety of ways to help the team iterate and improve the bottom line everyday.


400% Increase in Team Size


The Results

The Charlie Health team continues to grow and create new workflows and automations to alert and fix issues before they get to payroll. This allows them to focus on their mission, and delivering an excellent level of service as they continue to expand and help teens and young adults access sustainable, affordable, and personalized healing



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